Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eat desserts while on a diet!

 Eating desserts can help you lose weight even while you are on a diet. How? There are just a few easy steps to follow and it will lead you to a successful diet with desserts in it! Desserts are usually the last course of the meal and it is usually contained with the most amounts of sugar and calories. And if your body consumes too much calories for it to burn off, those calories will just turn into fats.

Desserts can be healthy in many ways and it can also be a very valuable meal that can help you lose that weight. You just need to know the right amount of desserts to consume a day and consuming it with the right ingredients.

Knowing the right amount to consume a day is very important because once you go over the limit; the rest of the calories will just turn to fats. That will just ruin the whole point of the diet. For us girls, the maximum amount of calories a day is only 2000. So as long as the desserts we consume within that number, we could eat as much desserts as we like.

Next is having the right ingredient in it. One way to reduce the amount of calories in a dessert is to replace the ingredients which contains the most calories that is sugar and fats with natural ingredients like honey, maple or low fat dairy products. Another way is to add fruits in the desserts. Fruits not only taste good, they contain natural sweeteners as well. And what’s more, they only contain very little fats and some fruits like apples, bananas and oranges even burn fats and calories.

So why torture yourself with strict diets when you can just make some little adjustments to your desserts and have a healthy and enjoyable diet.

Some sites that have really good and healthy dessert recipes are betterrecipes , eatingwell and disneyfamily.

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Blogger Amber M said...

I have dieted by the "everything in moderation" method... Making sure that I can eat what I want but instead of eating the entire box of Thin Mints, I only eat two and have the chance to enjoy two more for the next two weeks!

It was hard to keep myself in check at first, but now two cookies are just the right amount!

February 23, 2011 at 8:32 AM  

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